Friday, June 15, 2012

Blazing Points of View

New 5-star review of Apart From Love, this time by sallsol, titled 'Blazing Points of View', appeared last night on Amazon:

"Author Uvi Pozansky's juxtaposition of her characters'thought is fascinating. She shows their ongoing beliefs about themselves, their relationship to each other, and their relationship to the woman whose memory has been wiped away by Alzheimer's disease. Her characters maneuver their thoughts into the words which they think will bring them what they need or just want.

These unique characters are layered with complexity. In addition to the relationship between the three of them, they have been tragically influenced by the woman who has Alzheimer's disease. Her former husband, son, and rival react in disparate yet authentic, and for us the reader, edifying ways.

Pozansky's artistic talent gives us rich descriptions. When the uneducated Anita is watching Ben, her elderly husband's adult son, she thinks,
"His entire body is like, burning up. And his eyes, they're fluttering around me until--like a moth heading, in a roundabout way, into a light source--they connect with mine. I can sense his hate some times, and at once pull back from him, `cause I spot how hard his jaw is set, and even, how murderous the spark right there, in that shadow under his lashes, which reminds me of some animal, getting pretty tense, like, getting ready for the kill."

I was right there, with each of them, from beginning to end."

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