Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'm flying through a tunnel

Sucked in by a force, I'm flying through a tunnel
The tunnel of memory that leads me back home
The past blurs my present, so my vision is double
The walls and the ceiling curve into a dome

From here I can see my home, tilting 
And falling from place, all the lamps are aflame 
My father's empty chair is slowly ascending
Tipped by the light, outlining its frame

This is the opening poem from my book, Home, and the preparatory sketch for its cover, both originating from the same place, the same vision in my mind. I find it so magical that through a creative collaboration with a wonderful actress, Kathy Bell Denton, the words--and the vision--come alive through her voice. 

Take a listen:

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"HOME is an invitation, a very personal one, and should not be passed over"

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