Saturday, March 29, 2014

Want to know what puts a smile on my lips and joy in my heart? It is this:

Want to know what puts a smile on my lips and joy in my heart? It is this: learning that someone who grew up in a different continent, under entirely different circumstances, someone who had to overcome poverty and hardship the kind of which I can only imagine, has been touched by my story. Paul Douglas Lovell is an up and coming author, having published a unique autobiography, Paulyanna International Rent-boy. I first met him during my book launch event Get Twisted, and he was so amused by the theme and so generous that he brought in some twisted candy... I am so very touched by what he wrote about my historical fiction novel, Rise to Power:

5.0 out of 5 stars DELICIOUSMarch 29, 2014
This review is from: Rise to Power (The David Chronicles) (Kindle Edition)
When I began reading Rise to Power I was already reading two other books, both considered classics in the literary world. These gathered dust once I’d digested but a few lines of Uvi Poznansky’s alluring verse. I am so enamored with the sensual style and delicious delivery of this Old Testament story, that this review is a purely emotional response as I have just put it down. I feel like a devotee.

I’ll steer my review away from the story itself, David, Goliath and a rise to power because it is Uvi Poznansky you are really buying into.

An artist that sculpts, writes, paints such a realistic atmosphere, you can feel the desert sand sift through your fingers with each turn of the page. A couple of stone columns and a net curtain blowing in the wind would be more than enough garnish should these words ever make the stage.

----Favourite quote… “I understand what motivates them. Greed is such a universal thing, especially when combined with laziness.”----

I like religions, notice the plural, I like to pick ‘n’ mix the choice bits. I am not so big on displays of piety but do love an epic bible story. Uvi Poznansky replaces piety with poetry, and with panache, adds a splash of seduction.

There is no gratuitous violence or scenes to upset the religiously sensitive. I suppose it is only as graphic as your own mind. I was never bored reading this and now it’s finished there is defiantly a void.

Luckily for me there is more of Uvi Poznansky’s writing available, plus stuff on the way.

Paul Douglas Lovell.

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