Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let me take you into a Dab of Darkness

My interview has just appeared on a mysterious website Dab Of Darkness. To whet your appetite, here are the questions:
  • Reality in my fiction: how important is it? Lengthy travel, cussing, and bathroom breaks happen in real life. How do you address these mundane occurrences in your writings?
  • With the modern popularity to ebooks, a book is no longer limited to a specific genre shelf. It is now quite easy to label place an ebook in multiple genres (i.e. YA, Fantasy, Horror). How do you see this affecting readers? Have you been inadvertently lured outside your reading comfort zone? 
  • In my experience, some of the best fiction is based on facts and history. How do you build your research into your fictional works?
  • In this age of publishing, self-promotion is really necessary for the author. What do you enjoy most about advertising yourself and your works? What do you find most challenging? 
  • As a published author, what non-writing/reading activities would you recommend to aspiring authors? 
  • Care to tell us about your cover art, as you are also artist as well as an author?
  • Finally, what upcoming events and works would you like to share with the readers?
Want to read my answers? Click here: 

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