Thursday, March 6, 2014

If I live, someone should sculpt me in this pose, just so

"I must have lost my mind, because I leap over the brook and run quickly towards him. And I put my hand in my bag and take out one of my pebbles and sling it. 
It is now that time starts slowing down. With sharp, heightened senses I feel morning the breeze playing with my curls, brushing them this way and that, down to the nape of my neck. Here I am, twisting over my legs, wringing my body in a tortuous effort to gather momentum, to let a pebble fly. This, I tell myself, is no dream. This is for real. I am aiming to slay a giant. 
If I live, someone should sculpt me in this pose, just so.
Now I aim at his head, because it was the only exposed part of him. I close one eye, so I may focus better. 
Then I take my shot."

The subject of Bernini's sculpture is the biblical David, about to throw the stone that will bring down Goliath, which will allow David to behead him. Compared to earlier works on the same theme (notably the David of Michelangelo), the sculpture broke new ground in its implied movement and its psychological intensity.

It is greatly influenced by a much earlier sculpture, the Discus Thrower by the Athenian sculptor Myron, which is depicted about to release his throwThe energy expressed in this sculpture's tightly-wound pose, expressing the moment of stasis just before the release, is an example of the advancement of Classical sculpture from Archaic. However unlike Bernini's sculpture, the torso of the Disk Thrower shows no muscular strain. 

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