Sunday, July 6, 2014

But you don't have to know a thing about the bible to enjoy "A Peek"

Marie Anne Mayeski was a professor of theological studies at Marymount College's Orange Campus and LMU from 1972 to 2005 and is now professor emerita of theological studies. She was the first woman to serve in the theological studies department at LMU in the post-merger era and was the first woman elected chair of the department. Professor Mayeski is a specialist in early medieval theology. I am deeply honored to find her review of A Peek at Bathsheba:

5.0 out of 5 stars But you don't have to know a thing about the bible to enjoy "A PeekJuly 6, 2014
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This review is from: A Peek at Bathsheba (The David Chronicles Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
The story of David the king as we find it in the bible is interesting stuff, but often he seems two-dimensional. And centuries of interpretation can be a barrier to our really encountering David the human being. One remedy for that is "A Peek at Bathsheba."
It's volume Ii or Poznansky's David trilogy and in it we hear David's own voice as he struggles to make the transition from warrior to king, from poet to politician, from giant-killer to a man who must be all things to all his people. Sensuous and poetic scenes in the women's quarters and in the Judean countryside balance the scenes of action and warfare and we see David as a complex character interacting with several powerful women and other warriors--both enemies and friends. Oh yes, he must also negotiate his plans with the odd prophet who speaks for God and another spiritual advisor. or two. If all this wasn't enough, there are the scribes to contend with, those tasked with turning his real life into palatable history. Those who know the Book of Psalms, even a little, will relish as I did the way in which Poznansky situates Davidic psalm verses in very convincing life contexts. But you don't have to know a thing about the bible to enjoy "A Peek." It's a really good read.

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