Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dream-like fantasy for young children

I am so thrilled to read this in-depth dual review, written by Dii, a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, together with Mary-Grace Bylo, a girl of 11 years old, for my children's book Jess and Wiggle:

Format: Kindle Edition
Mary-Grace Bylo, 11-year-old reviewer:

Jess and wiggle is a delightful story about a young girl that never laughs or smiles until she meets a small creature named wiggle. Wiggle tries to make Jess laugh and smile, then Jess caught wiggle and refused to release him. Then wiggle takes Jess high into the air and floating around them were socks, combs, and knots. Then while Jess was telling wiggle to stop with all of crazy doings she let a laugh a small laugh and a smile.

This book is great for kids with a great imagination. I would recommend this book for children ages 8 to 9 reading it by themselves and ages 5 to 7 having it read to them. The pictures are beautiful and colorful. I liked the way you made the story rhyme.

My Review
Uvia Poznansky’s Jess and Wiggle is pure whimsy and fantasy, perfect to engage the minds and imaginations of young children with the soft and colorful pictures filled with a melange of objects, as well as young Jess and the magical Wiggle. A beautiful way to send a small child off to dreamland with gentle rhyming, soft illustrations and delicate handwriting making this entire tale a work of art to treasure for generations from a gifted artist in all she does.

We received this edition from Uvi Poznansky in exchange for our honest reviews.

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