Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jess the Determined Girl and Wiggle her Imaginary Friend

I am thrilled to find the first review for my new children's book, Jess and Wiggle, written by a Top 500 Reviewer:

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This review is from: Jess and Wiggle (Kindle Edition)
A magical and delightful book written for ages 3 - 6. The illustrations are beautiful and accompany the text plus the story rhymes which I always think is a plus. The author shows her creativity in several manners. First and foremost, the story is so cute. Toss is the fact that the author also did the drawings! Then she adds something really unique - 'Jess with the reddish curl' speaks in a straight line' and Wiggle's speech is a wiggly line. At the very end, the story is repeated in plain text.

The story itself is indeed magical. For Jess, you see, does not smile or laugh. She is also a most determined girl. Her imaginary friend, Wiggle has a mission and that is to make her smile! So, their adventure is on and what a time it is for both of them. Excellent story which I am sure the little ones will enjoy both for the illustrations and the text.

Most highly recommended and for multiple reasons.

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