Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cover design for The David Chronicles trilogy

Here is the new cover for my trilogy:

The inspiration for designing this cover was the Choshen. It is the breastplate of the high priest in ancient Israel, which included twelve jewels which, according to the Biblical description, were to be made from specific minerals, none of them the same as another, and each of them representative of one of the twelve tribes. 

In the case of this trilogy, the three volumes--representing the youth, prime of life, and old age of King David--appear side by side in a similar fashion to the ancient Choshen. 

A whole life - youth to old age - of the most fascinating figure in history!
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  1. Thank you for that super blog and list of cover designers. I've been painting my own because I simply cannot afford to pay four figures for a covert. Perhaps one of these will be right for me.
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