Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Enjoyable to read

Maryann Gestwicki describes herself as, "A single, self-employed Housecleaner, Self-Published Author hails from Conneaut,Ohio. Bookworm by heart, Movie buff by brain, Music fan by ears, TV watcher by eyeballs." I'm thrilled to find her lovely review of my poetry book (which is a tribute to my father), Home:
February 2, 2019
I really enjoyed reading this book from a daughter's point of view about her father. There were so many poems that I liked: Home, This Is The Place, And then she left him was funny, Blade, Even one mark, Don't open your eyes, This tissue is me,, Be still, a poet's heart, A diamond short, a dime late, We were born in darkness, Memory, Weep, my heart, Not to think, I'm not sorry, We met here, In my dreams, I hear, Glass Eyes, Not in good spirits, Crossroad, No need to worry, Anymore, Now I cry, Without a compass, The heart of space, I live here on paint and on toxoid, the time is near, Fall, Autumn's gold, On my body, Tired of fighting, It all passes (A poem that everyone should read), Maybe, Perhaps, Maybe, A lone wolf, Fantasy, I am.

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