Friday, April 7, 2017

Artistic Look at David and Goliath

A new review of my art book, Inspired by Art: Fall of a Giant:

on April 6, 2017
This review is from: Inspired by Art: Fall of a Giant (The David Chronicles Book 5) (Kindle Edition)
Uzi Poznansky was inspired by artworks depicting David's victory over Goliath. This book is a visual feast of David's moment of triumph. Numerous artists captured David's celebratory return from battle, Goliath's head dangling from his hands. Poznansky, so inspired, created THE DAVID CHRONICLES, a series of three volumes, the first novel being RISE TO POWER. It isn't difficult to understand the artistic impression these paintings leave behind. My favorite, DAVID BEARING THE HEAD OF GOLIATH, is by Flemish artist Jacob van Oost, (1603-1671). Another is the beautiful painting by the Florentine artist Matteo Rosseli (1578-1650).

Note: This is not a story with words. This book contains artwork (some with brief description) from various Italian, French, Dutch, German, and Flemish artists. Various dates.

To be continued with INSPIRED BY ART: RISE TO POWER

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