Wednesday, April 5, 2017

You got back your lost love, your truck and your dog

It sounded too real not to be about him and his life. Who else but the person singing this song could sing it with such genuine emotion?  His next song was just as heartbreaking. How had she not taken the time to listen to such heartfelt music before? The joke had always been, what do you get if you play a country music record backward?  You got back your lost love, your truck and your dog. Suzette had been guilty of letting old jokes stop her from listening to country music stations. After all, she lived just twenty miles from its world capital; Nashville, Tennessee. You couldn’t live in Tennessee and not know about country music, but Suzette had always considered herself too cultured ever to take it seriously.
Was Seth’s music a good example of what the rest of it was like? She was finding herself pulled to the man sitting at her kitchen table. His songs were of a wounded soul. Someone had stolen his innocence and his youth. 
Suzette finished cooking, and divided all the food onto her best china. She wasn’t trying to impress him, but she seldom cooked so it was all she owned. She set two plates on the table but found she was no longer hungry. She propped her elbows on the table and gave Seth all of her attention. She knew without a doubt she was going to paint this man’s portrait. 
He had a story, and she now knew she had to find out what it was, but she didn’t think he was the type to tell anyone about himself. It was going to take some time to find out what made him tick, and that meant spending time together. Painting a portrait took time. Seth didn’t know it, but Suzette had made her decision. She had decided that Seth had depth and a wounded soul. She wanted to know why he sung of such pain and sorrow. 

Excerpt from Love in Times of War

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