Tuesday, April 18, 2017

You know what to do when we get to our room, right?

As we pulled into the parking lot at the hotel I’d booked for our wedding night, Ellie and I burst out laughing. The blinking light heralding the establishment read, “Poughkeepsie’s Finest Destination.”
The building was pretty old and looked tawdry at best. “Guess this isn’t much of a honeymoon,” I said. “I’m sorry.”
Ellie skipped alongside of me, as we went inside to register. Her uninhibited behavior reminded me of the girl who’d invited me to play spin the bottle, not so long ago. This time, however, she wore a wedding dress and was my wife.
“Hey, Ellie, control yourself,” I told her, taking her hand in mine. “You’re a married woman now.”
“Oh, knock it off, husband. Think about what’s in store for us. This is our special night.” She sent me a sneaky grin. “You’re mom gave us champagne, we have ourselves a car, and my parents gave us some money. What else is there?”
“Not a darn thing.”
As we walked to our bridal suite, bucket of ice in tow for our champagne, Ellie whispered, “You know what to do when we get to our room, right?” 

Excerpt from Lovin' Those Navy Games by Susan Jean Ricci
Included in Love in Times of War

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