Wednesday, April 19, 2017

You can’t leave me. Let me come with you

His ravaging kiss stole away anything else she’d planned to say. They were both breathing heavily before he came up for air.
“I need you to stay hidden here. I’ll be back in thirty minutes or less.”
“No!” She grabbed his arm. “Don’t leave me. You can’t leave me. Let me come with you.”
He wrapped his arms around her again. “I’ll be quick. I need to go back and cover our tracks so no one can follow us. I promise I won’t be long and we won’t be separated again, but I have to do this.”
Emma sighed. “I’m holding you to your promises, John Weldon. If you break them and get yourself captured or killed, I’ll hunt you down and haunt you even if I have to go all the way to Hanoi Hilton.” Stories of where POW’s were kept at the end of the Ho Chi Minh trail and the conditions they lived under were horrible.
“I never break my promises, Em. And that’s a promise.” He slid off his pack and pulled a MCI can from it then unstrapped a canteen of water. “Eat while I’m gone. And just keep in mind that Char-uh-C-ration tastes better than anything I could cook.” 
She reluctantly grinned and he disappeared from her sight, carrying only his rifle and machete. 

Excerpt from A Weldon Family Christmas by Jennifer St. Giles
Included in Love in Times of War

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