Friday, August 2, 2013

Take A Peek At Twisted (Audiobook Edition)

A few months ago, a pile of bones captured my fascination. Scattered across my desk, they were ashen, rather small, and of fanciful shapes. I was unable to identify the animals whose remains these were, nor could I name their skeletal parts. Which left me free to mine—out of these crumbling, fragile relics—an entirely new presence. Coming to life on brown paper with with a few stokes of white, red, and brown pencils, there she was: my Bone Princess.

Set upon a patch of scorching desert sand, she casts a one-eyed look at you, which masks how vulnerable she really is. Her soft flesh is shielded—and in places, nearly crushed—by her armor of bones. She is damaged: no arms, no legs, yet she accepts her pain with pride, and with regal grace. Inside and out, she carries a sense of morbidity.

As all creations, she became an independent spirit. As such, she made me wonder what had happened to her. I imagined her turning to me, with the elegant, elongated lines of her neck, to tell me her story. This was how my novella, the first story in my upcoming collection—I Am What I Am—came to be.


Here is the voice of my narrator, Heather Jane Hogan, with the score for the title:

If your browser wouldn't play it, try this

For the audiobook edition, I adjusted the design not only for the square proportions of the cover, but also for the inclusion of the narrator's name. As you can see, the colors used for the text goes from hot orange for the title, to cool light gray-blue for the author's name, to an even cooler dark gray-blue for the narrator's name. This ensures that the book title stays the most distinct text field on the cover, the one that 'jumps' at you. The hot to cold play of hues is also apparent, in a more subtle way, in the background itself. It goes from warm at the left edge to cool at the right.

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