Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Books You Read Change You

What a wonderful, eloquent review from Deborah for my poetry book, Home

5.0 out of 5 stars HomeAugust 1, 2013
This review is from: Home (Kindle Edition)
The book has poems and prose from a father and daughter with two very different and distinct ways of writing but underlying the difference you see a common thread woven through them all. A thread that is the one thing we all think of differently, home.

For her father it brought a sadness and a deep sense of longing. You can feel his suffering, the pain, the changes that age can bring and nothing is glossed over. This is raw emotions that you feel in your very soul and at times its disturbing. You feel like a voyeur looking through the pages of anothers life and seeing it all unfold in your mind. There is also a sense of wanting it to be over as though life has been lived and the time is now past and the author wants to move on. Not knowing exactly what lies ahead and yet at most times welcoming it with open arms while at others he seems to want to pull back perhaps to make changes. But those moments have passed and they are now a part of his very being which in the end he seems to accept.

Uvi must have been amazed to find poems from her father that had been hidden for years. I cannot imagine what it must have been like going through those notes and pages while still grieving the loss of her father. With her emotions so very tender and raw his words at times must have cut to the very center of her being and also to have given her some joy in knowing that their time together was not over.

Through the newly found works Uvi is with her father as she works on the translation process so they are in a sense sharing those last two decades of his life in a very different way and on a deeper level.

Whereas Zeev writes his poems almost as a diary, a journal of his life, his daughter tends to write and see things differently and paints a picture that you form in your mind of the thoughts, feelings, the way things were in a very descriptive but somehow more detached manner. Focusing on the physical changes around her rather than the changes within. But even with the difference in style all of the emotions are still there to touch and feel. Very real, very alive and powerful.

A wonderful tribute by one amazing poet to another that takes us down two different paths. Through the same struggles, demons, and soul searching which somehow comes together. The paths converging to lead us to that elusive destination, place or state of mind that is home.

I feel that people you meet as well as

books you read change you. You are never the same as part of them will always be with you and I am honoured to carry both these poets and their works in my heart and yes my very soul.

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