Thursday, August 29, 2013

I plucked a wildflower

Written by my father, translated by me

I plucked a wildflower from my resting place   
And it was blue, as if it wore my name, my face   
But I was startled suddenly by a snake   
Who slinked across the path with one tail shake   
I plucked a wildflower from my grave, behind   
And in silence, my daughter came to mind   
Where are you now? The wave swept you away   
In a velvety evening, an eve of dew and ray   

I was penetrated by a pouring rain   
And for a moment, somehow, I felt alive again   
Sensing me, the worms began to rave   
I plucked a wildflower from my grave.   

And a chorus of crickets kicked off a singsong   
Climbing up the wall I danced away, so long!   
There's no death in life, no need to feel so sad,   
I would've come back already if it were all that bad   

There were a few I didn't know among the mourners    
I asked myself where they came from, what far corners    
The crowd was small, such pity! Some were sad   
To those who cried, I smiled and waved a tad.   

I left countless bills behind me, heavy debts   
Come over, I'll pay them back, you bet!   
I stare at you across the big divide   
With obvious advantage: no interest on this side 

Detail from the oil painting that is used for the cover of Home

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  1. Beautiful! And beautifullly read!

  2. This is stunning. I'm totally enthralled. After studying poetry in my Masters program, I abandoned it. I felt like such a dunce that I turned away.
    But another poet and you have awakened a love and I'm excited!

  3. Wow Ellen, truly glad to have touched and reawakened your love of poetry!

  4. La traduction qui accompagne la voix originale c'est super.tres beau poème.

  5. Very nice.मी तोडलं फूल माझ्या समाधीवरचं,गूढ शांतता अन् माझ्या मुलीची आठव मनी ( translation in Marathi)

  6. Dad left countless Bill's behind , just truly an unforgettable part🏂