Thursday, August 1, 2013

Powerful Story

Christoph Fischer is a high-ranking reviewer on Goodreads: #46 best reviewers #9 top reviewers. And, he is the author of two highly praised historical fiction books, Sebastian and The Luck of the WeissensteinersI am greatly moved that he posted this ★★★★★ review on Goodreads and Amazon for my novel, Apart From Love:
5.0 out of 5 stars Powerful storyAugust 1, 2013
This review is from: Apart From Love (Kindle Edition)
"Apart from Love" by Uvi Poznansky is yet another amazing novel by this very talented writer.
The book concerns Ben, a twenty-seven year old student, and his family at a time when the marriage of his parents breaks down due to the father's infidelity. The father, Len, marries Anita.
Told in two separate narratives we get to see Ben's and Anita's 'sides' of the story.
Poznansky gives a magnificent close-up of the family breakdown, exploring the themes of seduction, blame and love and a variety of conflicting emotions.
The characters are multidimensional and with their background stories and the use of changing perspectives the book makes for some intense and at times emotional reading.
The situation is uncomfortable for all involved but nobody is purely bad or reduced to klischee, everyone tries in their ways to find harmony and love.
We question why the divorce had to happen, there is still love between the divorced couple, admiration for the pianist mother and what she brought to the family, but now that she is here Anita has also valuable things to contribute. And Ben and Anita are becoming close, too.
Poznansky asks what love is and also who really does love and means it.
Conflict and contradiction never seem to go away completely and we are left with these questions.
One of Poznansky's biggest talents is to challenge and change our perspective with her sharp-minded observations and powerful prose and she does so very well.

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