Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Witness to a Murder Becomes the Prime Suspect

Richard Weatherly is the talented author of Closed Doors. I am honored to read his thoughtful review of Virtually Lace:

April 17, 2019
Virtually Lace ads a new twist to the work of Uvi Poznanski. I’ve read most of the author’s work and have enjoyed each. Virtually Lace is no exception. In this novel Uvi relies on past experience as a designer and work as a software manager. This novel features extensive use of virtual reality to help clear Michael, the protagonist, of suspicion by the police.

As the story opens Michael is approaching the beach when he suddenly discovers the body of a beautiful dancer with her throat slashed.

It is sad when a person who experiences such a traumatic event finds himself the chief suspect of a police investigation. Michael repeatedly answers police questions truthfully but he becomes frustrated by their refusal to believe him.

Michael decides the best way to defend himself is to collect his memories and build a virtual reality simulation of the chain of events. He is fortunate that the woman he loves is a designer who can help with his project. Ironically, when Michael tried to enlist Ashley to assist with his projects at work, his manager refused to even consider his recommendation. As the story comes together, it seems the manager has engaged in nepotism by hiring a relative to assist Michael in his project rather than Ash.

Together, Michael and Ash eventually construct a comprehensive virtual reality simulation that is sufficiently detailed to finally convince police of his innocence.

As the book progresses, other events surrounding Michael and Ash begin to hint at the identity of the guilty party. At the same time, Ash is placed at risk of becoming a victim of the murderer who killed the girl Michael discovered. Virtually Lace is a fast paced, well crafted suspense novel by Uvi Posnanski that is sure to keep you turning pages. I highly recommend it.

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