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A Captivating, Suspenseful Thriller




 A Captivating, Suspenseful Thriller 

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 07-27-21

Wow! I had already read the e-book of Coma Confidential by Uvi Poznansky and found it a very unique and suspenseful story and wanted to listen to the audio version. The narrator, Heather Jan Hogan really brought the story to life. It begins with Ashley Winters wrapped in bandages from head to toe from being raped and attacked. She slowly regains her mental consciousness while her body remains in a comatose state. Ashley can’t move a limb, open her eyes, or speak, but her mind is functioning and she can hear. Due to movement around her and voices, she soon realizes she’s lying in a hospital bed. Her memory is foggy and she has no idea how she ended up there. Ash doesn’t even know her name, but recognizes her mother’s voice. Nightmares haunt her dreams as she tries to piece together who attacked her. 

The police think the assailant might come back to finish job and has her guarded 24/7. There’s a breakdown in that security and Ash hears the assailant talking near her bed to another enemy who wants her dead. She also learns the attack wasn’t random. The mastermind behind it wants something from her boyfriend, Michael. Ash is being used as a bargaining chip. Even in her state, the mastermind is still determined to use her to get what he’s after. What does he want? And how can Ash defend herself when she lacks control of her body? 

Uvi Poznansky has created a well-crafted, unusual, intriguing story with memorable characters. I felt the fear and emotions that consumed Ash as she tried to snap her body into consciousness while being at the mercy of criminals. This story grips from the first chapter to the very end. The narrator did such a wonderful job that I listened to the whole audio book in one evening. If you enjoy suspenseful thrillers filled with twists and turns, get this audio book! Highly recommended. 

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