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A Captivating Thriller




Overdue Audiobook By Uvi Poznansky cover art

 A Captivating Thriller 

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 05-16-21

This is an engaging narrative of the fourth book in the Ash Suspense Thrillers series, “Overdue,” by Uvi Poznansky. I had already read the e-book and found it so gripping that I wanted to listen to the audiobook. The narrator, Heather Jane Hogan, really brought this chilling story to life. The story takes place during the pandemic before vaccines had been developed. Ash often self-quarantines in order to protect her loved ones from COVID-19, which has been expertly woven into this gripping tale. Intrigue begins in the first chapter as Ash wonders if Vlad, a Russian mobster she shot, is dead or just pretending to be dying. She fears the latter. Because of the pandemic, Ash hasn’t been able to find a job and is living out of car. Her computer whiz boyfriend, Michael, wants her to move in with him, but she wants to maintain her independence. 

When Michael’s Tesla is set on fire, he tells her it’s a warning. He saw something that the Russian mob boss wanted kept a secret. Michael uses a virtual reality tour to show Ash where he’s been snooping. Shortly after that, Michael is shot and tells Ash “there’s more.” 

While Michael is hospitalized, Ash is kidnapped. Just when she thought a rescue was imminent, she finds herself in Vlad’s clutches. The mob boss commits horrendous killings without any remorse as Ash watches. Can she avoid his wrath if she refuses to become part of his criminal team? 

“Overdue” is a captivating crime thriller with an intriguing health insurance fraud scheme, identity theft, and so much more. The numerous plot twists, subplots, and descriptions kept me listening to this intriguing story from the first chapter to the very last. I especially liked the voices the narrator used for the various characters, especially her Russian accent. Again, I found myself cringing with each encounter Ash had with the ruthless Vlad. Highly recommended. 

I received a free redeem code for this book and this is my honest review. 

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