Thursday, December 24, 2015

A TOUCH OF PASSION: Concealed in my Heart by @ReginaPucket

She reached out from under the covers and took Judy’s hand. It was nice and warm. Her mother always smelled of vanilla, but this morning, she must have tried a new shampoo because the aroma reminded Charity of fresh green apples. “I believe they’re hoping for a white Christmas. I tried to tell them that in this part of Tennessee we seldom see snow this early in the season, but they are still hoping I’m wrong. At least it’s more like Christmas here than at their home in Malibu. With all the leaves off the trees, it looks like winter here. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will spit out a few flakes while they’re here. It is certainly cold enough today.”

In the spirit of winter... Excerpt from Concealed in my Heart by Regina Puckett, included in A Touch of Passion

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