Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Women, writing

Author of War Songs, Grady Harp describes himself as being ever on the alert for the new and promising geniuses of tomorrow. He is an artist representative, gallery owner, writer of essays and articles on figurative and all Representational art for museum catalogues and for traveling exhibitions, and an Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer. We are honored that he has posted this five-star review for our boxed set, A Touch of Passion:

Uvi Poznansky wears a coat of many colors. Originally from Israel where she studied Architecture and Town Planning then moving to the US where she studied Computer Science and became an expert in Software Engineering, Poznansky managed to combine the design elements of two studies into unique formats. And she has accomplished the same with the other side of her brain - making visual her ideas (she is an accomplished painter, drawer, and sculptor who has enjoyed exhibitions both in Israel and in California, her present base) and making words in poetry and in short stories and children's books.

Here she joins eleven other very fine women authors whose works embellish each other while standing very much on their own. The point is, knowing Uvi’s works makes the need to read the works of her colleagues stronger. There are no disappointments in this collection. The authors – Tamara Ferguson, Regina Puckett, Suzanne Jenkins, B.J. Robinson, Laura Taylor, Mimi Barbour, Lisa Gillis, Donna Fasano, Traci Hall, Elizabeth Marks, and Cynthia Woolf all have gifts to offer and in tandem they present a very fine collection of contemporary writing about Romance, suspense, fiction and a touch of history, Fine curl p by the fire reading. Grady Harp, December 15

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