Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The voice behind THE MUSIC OF US

Today I have the pleasure of presenting the narrator of my novels, The Music of Us and Dancing with Air: Don Warrick. He has many faces; but even without the flair, the costumes, and the makeup that helps actors step into their role, he has a wonderfully versatile expression in his voice.

For the audition script I chose three segments, on e in the voice of a 'mature' Lenny, one in his 'young' voice, and one in the voice of Natasha, writing a long letter. I wanted to know that the narrator I will choose can hold the illusion of voicing a woman, not just in a quick exchange of dialogue but also in an extended monologue, because Natasha is a very special heroine to me. And then, the moment I heard Don's audition, I knew he was the one. Correction: he was all three!

Here is his short video, 'my life in five minutes':

The Music of Us by Uvi Poznansky
Dancing with Air by Uvi Poznansky
A Family Affair: Summer (Truth in Lies, Book 3) by Mary Campisi 
The Betrayed Trilogy: Boxed Set By Mary Campisi
Flying With The Enemy: Memoir of a Young Cadet by Oleg V. Oksevski
The Song of Kings Book by R J Chance
Christmas Past by Julie Elizabeth Powell
Figments by Julie Elizabeth Powell
13 by Julie Elizabeth Powell
Lost Shadows by Julie Elizabeth Powell


  1. Uvi, it's lovely to "meet" your prized narrator this way! Fantastic. ;o) What a VOICE!! And wow, what an amazing array of credits this man has!

    1. Just so Aaron, a wonderful voice (I should really say, voices!) And with each voice, he taps into a whole different array of emotions. Amazing!