Wednesday, December 9, 2015

This one will leave you in contemplative thought

Dennis Waller, filmmaker and author of several books, is recognized as an expert on spiritual experience, self-discovery, and exploring the human consciousness. He is also a Top 500 Amazon Reviewer, which is an amazing rank. I am honored that he posted this review for my poetry book, Home:

TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 8, 2015
'Home' is a touching read that will leave you in contemplative thought as it will hit the soul as well as the mind and heart. The prose and poems reminds me of how I feel when I read Rainer Maria Rilke in how the emotions and thoughts are injected into the words, a masterful writing skill and one I wished I possessed. And like Rilke, there is that metaphysical melancholy present that washes over the reader like a cold and damp fall rain. Yeah, this is a book that feels very personal and private and one that leaves the reader with a sense of shared loss, if that's the right word. Either way, I like a book that can shake it up and this definitely did it for me.

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