Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A TOUCH OF PASSION: Perfect for Him by @suzannejenkins3

He walked to her, bending down to kiss her. “I’m eating just fine. Go back to bed after the girls leave,” he said, moving toward the door.
“I might,” she said. As they walked to the kitchen, she tapped on the older girls’ doors. Everyone but Devon needed to get up before six during the week. It was still pitch black out, the short winter days getting closer. Harley poured coffee into Jason’s travel mug. He didn’t take the time to hang around in the morning for coffee. She looked out the window over the sink; a stray snowflake drifted by.
“I guess I’m lucky not to have to drive to the city in the snow,” she said, handing him his mug.

In the spirit of winter... Excerpt from Perfect for Him by Suzanne Jenkins, included in A Touch of Passion

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