Saturday, December 26, 2015

Love Is Beautiful While It Lasts

Ia Uaro, a gifted artist and the author of Sydney's Song, was a published author at 17 and used the proceeds to help fund her university studies, during which time she was active in aero-modelling, martial arts, mountaineering, speleology, and more. I am honored to find her review of my novel, The Music of Us

on December 25, 2015
As always, Uvi doesn’t disappoint. In this brilliant painting Uvi skilfully depicts rich historical facts and engaging characters of well studied 1940s where we learn about fascinating WWII military servicemen, get insights into the sufferings of the civilians, observe the intriguing lives of artists and musicians, and compare the technology of things. All the while Uvi outlines the psychology of why people do what they do without judging.

With deep understanding of human nature and keen observation on how people interact Uvi shows the turmoils that moves protagonist Lenny to stray from his beloved even when in the beginning true love rules and in the end family values never cease to exist. Uvi teaches us about Alzheimer: what it does, what it changes, how it begins.

Fun, captivating, wise. After reading this, because of Uvi, we sure won’t be too quick to blame others and will instead think of the reason behind their actions. And oh, if you’re a writer, don’t forget Uvi’s excellent writing tips!

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